Adaptive Technologies for Machines

 SADAP is a spin off from TU Braunschweig with the main focus on development of passive (mechanical) and active (electromechanical) measures for noise and vibration reduction in machines.

Our services and products focus mainly on high-speed rotating machine parts in industry that are supported with air (gas) as a lubricant. Aerodynamic air and ffoil bearings are increasingly used in high-speed lightweight rotors (e.g. in micro gas turbines and turbochargers) and have advantages over conventional bearings as they are oil-free, clean and wear-free.

However, the design of air bearings for turbomachinery for reliable use under various operating conditions requires reliable analyses based on numerical and experimental investigations, scientific knowledge and time. SADAP accompanies customers with numerous numerical and experimental solutions in the development and application of gas bearings.

We support you with our experimentally validated design tool with modern software architecture, which can reliably calculate the bearing characteristics even in critical operating ranges during start-up and at high speeds, taking into account operating deformations. With the available test rig, customer-specific bearings can be tested in the first step up to 120 krpm under various dynamic and thermal operating conditions and used to validate the simulation model.

In the next step, the bearing properties such as lift-off speed, system damping, stability limit and robustness against dynamic loads are optimized by extensive parameter variations and corresponding design diagrams are created.

Saving time and resources

The industry is facing ever greater challenges. These include, above all, increasing specialization, ever shorter development times and rising cost pressure. At the same time, ever higher customer requirements must be met for increasingly individualized and ever more complex products. Team sadap helps manufacturers and users in industry to develop and apply oil-free bearings, reducing costs, training time and manpower requirements.

Smoother, more efficient, longer lasting

We offer solutions in the form of software products and professional consulting in the field of oil-free bearings. With the help of our adaptive high-tech solutions, vibrations, noise and material losses can be detected and reduced, the service life of machines increases and production processes become more efficient.

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