Welcome to SADAP: Unleash Your Career in the Future of Engineering!

Explore exciting career opportunities at SADAP, a leading high-tech startup in the field of mechanical engineering. With us, you’ll find more than just a job – you’ll embark on an adventure defined by rapid growth, influential roles, and fascinating journeys.

Why Work at SADAP?

  • Experience Adventure: Every day at SADAP brings a new challenge, a new adventure. We are seeking enthusiasts who want to collaborate with us in developing innovative solutions for mechanical engineering.
  • Rapid Growth: Join a flourishing company in Germany where you not only mold your career but also play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future.
  • Influential Roles: Your ideas matter here! At SADAP, you have the opportunity to wield real influence and drive forward innovative solutions.
  • Fascinating Journeys: Embark on a tangible journey of development and growth. At SADAP, you explore not only new professional perspectives but also shape your personal evolution.
  • Training Opportunities: As a spin-off of TU Braunschweig, Germany’s oldest technical university, we go beyond offering mere jobs – we provide avenues for ongoing education and advancement. Your professional growth is a priority for us.

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Full-time Positions

Student Opportunities (Thesis/Internship)