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Every company has its individual need for different adaptation measures for its products or production processes. The optimization of dynamic system behavior through passive and active measures or the monitoring of components during operation contributes significantly to reducing costs arising.

In this context, in addition to its products and services in the field of air and foil bearings, SADAP is also pleased to offer you various services to optimize the dynamic properties of your machine. Such tasks can be formulated as long-term or short-term projects with individual work packages focusing on engineering consulting, project planning, software development, test planning and prototype production.

  • Analysis of dynamic systems (experimental and simulative), investigations of critical operating limits and resonances, evaluation and optimization of damping options. 
  • Services in the field of development of adaptive interfaces to reduce vibrations and/or noise of components and machines.
  • Accepting development projects in the field of shape control concepts for adapting the geometric properties of components to the operating conditions
  • Services in the field of development of SHM systems for monitoring of various components in operation

Concept of Adaptivity with Technical Claim:

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When people talk about adaptation in nature, they think of a 15-centimeter-long reptile from the deserts of Australia, the thorny devil.

The thorn devil knows exactly how challenging everyday life in the desert can be. Thanks to nature, he is supplied with sufficient water through millions of microchannels on his skin. In addition, the thorn devil must not underestimate the danger of a brown hawk. Amazing!

Nature has also given him a measure for this. The strange hump on the neck of the thorn devil is actually a „false head“ designed to fool predators. When a devil feels threatened, it rolls its real head between its front legs, leaving the false head to attack.

It is no different in engineering. The components of machines must be monitored and protected by measures that are adaptable to regular and accidental harmful actions.

In other words, a dynamic system must be robust enough against undesired effects (such as mechanical resonances) if disturbances cannot be prevented. Otherwise, such effects as strong motions in the form of vibrations can occur and:

    • reduce the service life of machine parts .
    • threaten the lives of humans in many cases.
    • Cause noise pollution and material contamination.

It is equally important to permanently monitor safety-relevant components of the machines to ensure their functionality at all times.